About Us

The Company

Taupo Trenching (2010) Ltd is a family owned and run business.

Originating in the 80s under Scotty Campbell, the company was built on the ability to adapt, and build, dig or install underground services in most situations and sites.

Bought by Mennie and Bill Scapens in 2010, the company has continued to grow its reputation for having a great Health and Safety System, which continues to develop, and giving an excellent product on the jobsite.

The Aim

We aim to give a top quality product on all of our jobs.

We are able to achieve this by using planning and communication between our crews.

Excellence comes down to the smallest details, such as using a decent grass seed in the reinstatement of a roadside berm, or being courteous and polite to pedestrians walking past our sites.

The Gear and What We Do

We own lots of plant and machinery, trucks, tools, and have a well stocked workshop. This enables us to mobilise specific machines quickly, without the need to wait for hired gear.

Traditionally our main machines have been smaller excavators, bobcats, tip trucks. More recently we have bought a Hydro-Excavator, and have a great crew operating it. This machine has been extremely well utilised in Taupo as well as out of town, and is the ideal machine for excavating around existing services, or in areas where damage to existing services is a risk.

We are also extremely proficient at Pressure Testing new Watermains. We have a data-logging gauge which is a must for accurate testing. We can test the usual sizes of watermain and ridermain, but have also built a pump capable of pumping up the larger mains within a reasonable timeframe.

Our main area of expertise is Butt Welding and Electro-fusion Welding HDPE Pipelines. We build watermains for town use, as well as for the distribution of water around our local Power Stations.

Our other main arena is trenching and installing Power Cabling and ducting for lines companies. We have installed many kilometres of Low Voltage, 11kV and 33kV cables around the region.

See our Photo Gallery for a look at some of the gear.

Contact Us

0274 310 688

84 Miro Street, Tauhara, Taupo, 3378
PO Box 676, Taupo, 3351